Don’t listen to the user.

The first rule of research is don’t listen to the user. Instead, observe their behaviour.


The talk titled "Perfectly executing the wrong plan" at Google’s I/O conference is a must-watch talk by Tomer Sharon, Google Search User Experience Researcher. Especially if you're creating a new product, for fun or for profit.

Sharon points to a recent study of U.K.’s public toilets in gas stations, in which 99% of people claimed to have washed their hands after doing their business. But when electronic devices was installed on the faucets to track their behaviour, it turned out that only 32% of men and 64% of women actually did wash their hands.

“Some people would say, they’re just liars. They’re not,” Sharon says. “We are having trouble predicting our behaviour. Humans are very bad at predicting the future."

In this talk, Tomar Sharon discusses Lean UX techniques such as Experience Sampling, Observation and Fake Doors.

Rahul M. Hareendran